Dusk Dawn Solar Charger

Load will automatically switch on during the night and switch off during the day. Temperature compensated battery charging. USB port for LCD/Mobile charger. Manual load On/Off control. Efficiency > 99.9%.


12V & 24V auto battery selection
Maximum Battery voltage – 30V (Full charged 24V battery)
Maximum panel VOC ≤ 100V
Maximum Battery/Panel/ Load Current
10A for 10A Model
30A for 30A model
Led Bar graph indication:
Panel Current
Battery Charge/Discharge level (Battery health)
Load Current


Panel reverse protection
Battery reverse protection
Both panel & battery reverse protection
Panel over current protection (when panel current is higher than rated current of D2D)
Over load & Short circuit protection
Battery over current protection
Battery over charge protection
Battery deep discharge protection & Battery low cut off

USB Port for:
Mobile fast charging with built in 2.5A smps
External LCD to view D2D parameters
(Panel voltage, Battery voltage, Panel current, Battery current, Load current, Trickle/ Boost charging, Charging / Discharging, Total KWH produced from panel , Fault condition like Over load, Short circuit etc…)

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