MEDI’s Chocolate MPPT



MEDI’s latest product is called Chocolate MPPT which is an advanced MPPT solar charger with cutting edge features.

Auto tracking with tracking efficiency > 99%
12V /24V /36V /48V automatic selection
Output and input current limiting at 25A
Auto-select battery and panel
Separate battery current limiting
Temperature compensated charging
Dusk to dawn (optional)
LCD for all parameters including KWH
All on-board power supply is through SMPS, making it drop-less and heat-less.

No spark while connecting battery and panel because of no surge current during connection.

Topology – High efficiency drop-less SMR (Switch Mode Rectifier) – This is a PWM buck MPPT with SMR, there is no diode drop during flyback energy transfer. This will improve the efiiciency.

Hence negligible heatsink is enough which will make the MPPT look like a thin slab.

Automatic panel and battery selection – If you connect a 12V /24V / 36V / 48V battery or panel 40V /80V / 160V , the resistance divider will automatically change to get the maximum scaling in that voltage.

Using only one divider for the entire range will give less sensitivity in lesser voltage.

Temperature compensated charging for lead acid battery

Charger active signal for priority solar charging provided for integrating with MEDI’s sine wave inverter

Separate battery current limiting – If the total output current of the MPPT is 25A but you are using only 40AH battery then if 25A is charging the battery, the battery will get damaged. Because only 4A can charge a 40AH battery, the balance 21A can go to the load. When the load is switched off, the total 25A should not flow to the battery. In this MPPT, we have a separate battery current limiting to avoid this. We can set the battery current limiting to 4A or 5A or whatever is needed depending on the battery used.

Dusk to dawn – This is an optional feature.

This dusk to dawn PCB provides night automatic switch on the load and day automatic switch off the load, along with battery low cut-off and short circuit cut-off from the battery to the load.The MPPT software comes with this feature, however if you wish to use it, you must add an external dusk to dawn PCB.

Nowadays, the panel VMP is much higher than the battery full charge. For example : a 250W panel having a VMP of 32V so a simple diode charger or zero drop, you will get charging current around 15% more than the maximum current of the panel (IMP). But if you use our MPPT you will get more than three times or 300% of the IMP.

Battery reverse
Panel reverse
Battery high voltage
Panel high voltage
Battery & panel reverse same time
Battery & panel high voltage same time
Both battery & panel are high & reverse same time
Overload and Short circuit
Price :

500W Chocolate MPPT with LED – Rs.3700

Extras :

Four-line LCD – Rs.500

Dusk to dawn PCB – Rs.300

Wifi – Rs.300

Taxes extra as applicable.

Please note the MPPT will be supplied as tested cards and no cabinet shall be supplied.

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