MEDI’s Fast Trip



FasTrip : Short circuit and high current protector

After assembling any PCB, there are chances for assembling mistake – short circuit or track short or diode reversed etc . If this PCB is connected directly to mains or using a fuse or MCB to check, this may result in damaging the PCB. MCB and fuse trip are slow, this will trip only after the PCB is damaged. MCB or fuse cannot trip within micro-second. That is why we have developed fasTrip.

In this device, you can set the current – 0.5A, 1A, 2A….up to 5A.
For example, if you set the current at 2A, when the current crosses above 2A the fasTrip will trip instantaneously so your PCB will not damage even if there is an assembling mistake in it.

If there is a track short or diode reversed and you have used MCB or fuse for protection, this will not trip as soon as the current reaches 2A, it will take some time for tripping. Within this time, the current will shoot up extremely high and damage your PCB.


Control device – DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
Input voltage – 90V to 250V AC
Output voltage – same as input
Frequency – 40Hz to 60Hz
Tripping current – 0.5A to 5A (settable)
LCD – tripping current set, display and status

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