QUIKorrect:- Static Voltage Stabilizer up to 200KVA

This is an SMPS type voltage stabilizer for mains voltage (AC input and AC output). This is a new switching topology where PWM is done directly in AC-to-AC switching, without any harmonic distortion. In this topology there is no need to convert the AC input to DC and again convert it back to regulated AC output. This simplifies the design, reduces the component count and improves the efficiency and reliability. The power stage is an IGBT chopper control. The chopping frequency is around 20KHz which ensure absolutely silent operation and pure sine wave output (no waveform distortion).


The control section is based on dsPIC controller which ensure quick correction of output which is not possible in conventional relay type stabilizer or servo controlled stabilizers. The circuit is having LCD display which will show all parameters like: input voltage, output voltage, connected load, your company name (We will program your company name in the dsPIC at the time of technology transfer) etc.

The transformer size will be only 1/4 th of the output power. For 2KVA stabilizer transformer size will be that of 500 VA.

Since the circuit is fully solid state (no mechanical or moving parts) there will not be any wear and tear like the brush tear in servo stabilizer or relay degrading in relay-based stabilizer.

This stabilizer is not for ordinary applications. This is specially useful in places where we need very fast correction speed, constant output voltage, overload current limiting and short circuit protection, soft start, high voltage and low voltage cut-off, no wear and tear, long life and maintenance free which is impossible with other conventional relay type or servo control stabilizers. So, we cannot sell it at the cost of conventional stabilizers. This is a premium model with very advanced features and high reliability.


  1. Direct AC-AC conversion improves the efficiency, reliability and reduces the components.
  2. Rapid cycle by cycle correction of output. Can correct sudden fluctuation in the line voltage. For example using a welding machine in the same line will cause sudden fluctuation in the line voltage which can not be corrected with conventional relay type and servo controlled voltage stabilizers, where Static Voltage Stabilizer can correct it.
  3. Output regulation of +/- 1% which is impossible in conventional stabilizer.
  4. No distortion in output waveform.
  5. Overload cutoff
  6. Over voltage and under voltage cutoff.
  7. LCD display for displaying all parameters and your company name.
  8. Small transformer size.
  9. 20KHz PWM control
  10. IGBT power stage. Highly reliable.
  11. Fully solid state. No moving part, hence more life and no maintenance.
  12. Silent operation.


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