Anil Kumar. N. M.D.(Anaes)

Associate Professor - G.B. Panth Hospital, Port Blair

We strongly recommend Medicraft Technologies to engage them from the planning to commissioning stage of any future Hospitals, especially for super speciality projects.

Dr. R. Rajendran Nair

Managing Director - OMAN Medical Complex

M/s. Medicraft Technologies have carried out the work to our satisfaction and within the allotted time frame.

Dr. A. Srinivasan

Dean - Velammal Medical College Hospital

Technical and intellectual skills, professionalism and commitment to work undertaken and completion of the project on time are to their sole credit. In addition to the above all the prompt after sales services that we have received from him is always appreciable.

Fr. Joy Payyappilly CMI

Associate Director - Amala Institute of Medical Sciences

Medicraft installed 4 Nos. of most modern operation theatres with stainless walls, celing, seamless antistatic flooring, latest hermietically sealed actuator operated sliding doors etc.

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