MEDI’s Fast Trip FasTrip : Short circuit and high current protector After assembling any PCB, there are chances for assembling mistake – short circuit or track short or diode reversed etc . If this PCB is connected directly to mains or using a fuse or MCB to check, this may result in damaging the PCB. […]

ZERO DROP SOLAR CHARGER MEDI’s low cost zero drop solar chargers are available in various ranges 12V to 120V and 5A to 60A which is compatible with MEDI’s inverter design and can be used with other inverter designs as well. These chargers are called ‘zero drop solar chargers’ as they do not have any diode

MEDI’s DC-CT Working voltage is 5V, at zero current the output voltage = 2.5V. Forward current, the voltage will increase from 2.5V towards 5V. Approximately +80A = 5V Reverse direction of the current, output voltage will decrease from 2.5V towards zero volt. Approx -80A = 0V output.

Dusk Dawn Solar Charger Load will automatically switch on during the night and switch off during the day. Temperature compensated battery charging. USB port for LCD/Mobile charger. Manual load On/Off control. Efficiency > 99.9%. Features: 12V & 24V auto battery selection Maximum Battery voltage – 30V (Full charged 24V battery) Maximum panel VOC ≤ 100V

MEDI H.F Generators for FTL/CFTL The two industrial products designed by Medi that are used in the quality control section of Lamp manufacturing industry are HF Generator and U.V Tester. The instrument U.V Tester is meant for GLS whereas H.F Generator is used for testing FTLs and CFTLs. Though Medi U.V Tester is meant for

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