Auto-tracking, Auto battery selection, Seperate current limiting for battery, High efficiency dropless power stage, Tracking efficiency > 99.95%. Same unit can be configured for 1 KVA to 5 KVA, WiFi Mobile application.


  • MPPT up to 5KVA, 12V to 96V
  • Maximum VOC 200V
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Current limiting when battery reaches full charge
  • Auto-selection for panel VOC and number of batteries from 12V to 96V
  • Wide range SMPS, working range 17V to 200V; hold range 14V to 200V
  • Standby power at night time is less than 10mA
  • Dusk to dawn feature included
  • Additional relay drive for mains disconnection for solar priority when using with other brand inverters
  • Hardware and software cut-off during short circuit /overload
  • Temperature sensing for heatsink and automatic fan control. Auto cut off in case of fan failure.
  • LCD to display panel voltage, panel current, battery voltage, battery current, total KWH
  • Data communication with Wifi, Android and web upload and wired communication with external device
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