MEDI H.F Generators for FTL/CFTL



The two industrial products designed by Medi that are used in the quality control section of Lamp manufacturing industry are HF Generator and U.V Tester. The instrument U.V Tester is meant for GLS whereas H.F Generator is used for testing FTLs and CFTLs. Though Medi U.V Tester is meant for GLS it can also be used for checking fluorescent tube lights. But Medi H.F Generator is exclusively meant for tube lights and is very compact and cheaper compared to U.V Tester. In addition to this it consumes less power and is very ideal for fitting near or under the conveyer belt.

Tube lights while manufacturing undergoes different process viz. cutting, cleaning, vacuuming, cap fitting etc. During each process the tube light may become defective. If the defective tube is detected and duly rejected after each process, we can avoid it from undergoing the rest of the manufacturing process and reduce the wastage.

There are a lot of devices that check the tubes after each process. H.F generator is one among them and is used to check the tube after the gas filling, and before any further process is done on it. Conventional choke and starter method can’t be used since the test is to be done before the caps are fitted.

Technically H.F generator is a device that generate a high frequency electro-static field. This field is strong enough to ionize low pressure gas filled tubes near it and make them glow. Since the H.F generator do not need any physical or electrical contact, it is very convenient to check the tubes before fixing the connection terminals.

MEDI has designed and developed an H.F generator for tube light manufactures. With the latest integrated circuits and switching devices like MOSFETs the MEDI H.F generator is very small in size and light in weight. Due to its high power radiation MEDI H.F generator is capable of glowing up to 5 tubes simultaneously. This is very convenient for detecting and replacing defective tube lights manually. For automatic manufacturing sections special design of H.F generator is available.

We can conveniently place the H.F generator near the conveyer belt, so that if the vacuum inside a tube coming near to the device is perfect, it will glow. This glow can be checked with a Medi GLOW SENSOR or its equivalents most probably available in tube light assembly line. The glow sensing and replacing of defective tube lights can also be done manually. Then HF gen­erator to glow more tubes simultaneously will be practical.

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