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Martin's Electronic Devices & Instruments (MEDI) is an R&D firm involved in the design and development of electronic products for industrial and commercial applications. Established in the year 1987, the main intension of MEDI has been to provide cutting edge technologies to manufacturers that can be practically implemented and marketed at a very competitive price.

MEDI is involved purely in to Research & Development in electronics – both hardware and software. The main field of MEDI is development of new innovative electronic products and transferring the technology to manufacturers. Our design areas include Power Electronics, RF, Analog and digital, micro-controllers and DSP based designs. We provide complete solution for hardware construction including magnetic component designs, PCB design and embedded control software.

Innovative and revolutionary developments made by us are being used in industrial, commercial as well as domestic market. We have been setting standards and have been trusted by various customers, world over,for more than twenty years.

Martin's Electronics Devices and Instruments is a company thriving on innovations. Constant efforts are made by Martin Xavier and Thomas Jude who are the founders of MEDI Electronics to innovate new products in the field by of Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy related products and other sectors of Power Electronics.


MEDI's Voltage Optimizer technology has been nominated for e-legacy 2011 Awards by IML Group UK, under the category of 'Green Product of the Year'. Reduction in carbon emissions, increase in the life of electrical equipment by supplying constant voltage using advanced technology of Static Voltage Optimizer is a tremendous development by MEDI which is recognized around the world.

MEDI's three phase solar pump control with inbuilt MPPT and VF drive is a revolutionary design for solar pumps. Access to energy for irrigation and other agricultural activities is an important issue for the rural population. Looking at poor irrigation facilities due to non-availability of power and availability of abundant sunshine in the country, MEDI has developed and installed a low-cost solar pumping system. These low-cost solar pumping systems have a huge potential to increase agricultural productivity in the country.

The product is a combination of inverter, MPPT and VFD, pump will work directly from solar panel without the use of batteries. Because of MPPT and VFD early mornings, late evenings and even in cloudy conditions the pump will work giving water output 35% to 40% more than that of a normal inverter.

MEDI's range of inverters along with MPPT chargers and zero drop solar chargers have been used by more than 70 companies in India and abroad. Reliable solutions, easy to manufacture and cost effectiveness makes MEDI's designs popular and trusted by manufacturers.

MEDI's industrial products H.F.Generator and U.V.Testers have been lighting industries main solutions for testing lamps during manufacturing since 1987. Philips, Osram India, Crompton Greaves, Wipro, Lumax, Surya Roshni, Phoenix Lamps, Gulf Advanced Lighting are some of our satisfied long term clients.

A book on Advanced Electronic Projects written by Martin Xavier and Thomas Jude in the year 1992 has been greatly appreciated and is used by many Engineering students till date. The book contains projects on Power Electronics, RF and Communication and Digital Electronics. Martin Xavier, Managing Partner of MEDI, has been doing research and development in electronics since he was 15 years old and has many unique designs and inventions to his name. In 1996, his invention of ‘Sound Without Vibrating Object’ received vast media-coverage. The 2-Wire ALC is also one of his exclusive inventions. Wireless Landmarking, a new concept of identifying and locating places, displays the same inside the car or train had good recognition in the year 2004.

Our research is on-going and our promise is to constantly come up with new developments which are advanced and superior in all dimensions.

MEDI is an authorized Design Partner of Microchip, USA.

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